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Thank you to everyone who made our tour of EUNOIA to Halifax, St. John’s, Calgary and Whitehorse a huge success, and to all those that came to the Toronto performances.


“EUNOIA one of the best dance events of the season. Clever, witty, engrossing.” - Paula Citron, dance critic

“EUNOIA is…playful, provocative and completely engaging. It rewards the curious viewer with stimulation and delight, and deserves to be seen by a much wider audience.” - Atom Egoyan, award-winning filmmaker, director and writer

"The result - playful, dramatic and that rare thing in dance, original - has caught on with all-ages dance and non-dance lovers, particularly word geeks who like crosswords." - Glenn Sumi, NOW Magazine preview

"Engaging on so many levels: Epic poem comes to life for Eunoia dance performance." - Aly Thompson, Metro News, Halifax

"Epic Performance of Eunoia Crowns Festival Finale" - Gloria Hickey, Festival of New Dance, St. John's

"...for the first time in Canadian dance, we have a fully integrated and cleverly shaped multi-media piece that goes far beyond mere gimmickry, daring itself to find correlatives between poetry and dance vocabulary, and that does not rests its fortune on the reputation of its award-winning source material but that actually takes risks to gamble with potentially crippling constraints. Could become a real Canadian classic in the dance world." - Keith Garebian, Stage and Page

Read what the artists have to say about EUNOIA

EUNOIA Trailer from Fujiwara Dance Inventions on Vimeo.


Butoh Voice Intensive with Denise Fujiwara and Gerry Trentham
December 7 - 11 and December 14 – 18, 2015
10:00 – 5:00
509 Parliament Street,
Canadian Contemporary Dance Theatre Studio C

Participants of this intensive two-week program will explore a new frontier of performance training. The program integrates the embodiment practices of the dance-theatre form of Butoh with the embodiment practices of Linklater based voice and speech work as a means to increased creative potential, range and precision as performers and performance creators.

Full and and part time registration available. To register e-mail classes(at)fujiwaradance.com.

Annual Wine Dinner
February 9, 2016

A wonderful evening of exceptional wines, Italian cuisine and a silent auction, in support of Fujiwara Dance Inventions.

For more information e-mail info(at)fujiwaradance.com.