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Butoh Workshop with Yumiko Yoshioka
May 4 – 6 from 12:30 – 4:30

Cost: $225 ($200 for CADA)

The main focus of this workshop is 
a conscious research of our body/mind/soul unification, 
so we can deeply enjoy the intrinsic process of metamorphosis 
through the spirit of dance. Through a continuous exploration of our past collective memories, 
we can strike a vein of abundant creative resources, 
enriching the essence of our life. 
The body is a receptacle of time.
 Body resonance is a key to opening up the doors of an ever-changing world 
inside and outside of ourselves, 
which helps the body to unfold its secrets, 
holding them up until they shine and tremble. 
Everything is in resonance with each other.
 Through a dialogue with our body, 
we can learn to be moved by inner and outer forces, 
thus realizing we are a part of the Universe. 
A dance of metamorphosis inevitably appears. 

Butoh Workshop with Denise Fujiwara
Transformation and Performance
June 6 – 10 from 12:30 - 4:30

Cost: $250 ($225 for CADA)

In Butoh we are interested in transformation. If everything in life is impermanent, then we are already constantly transforming. As performers, although it might seem paradoxical, we eschew self-expression and rather, practice to be. Rather than manifest form, we seek to embody living, timeless forms with mindful physicality, specificity and attention to detail.

All classes take place at Canadian Contemporary Dance Theatre, 509 Parliament Street, Studio C. To register e-mail classes(at)fujiwaradance.com


Waiting for Bardo(t)

Commissioned work for SiNs Dance (Jacinte Armstrong and Elise Vanderborght)

April 21 - 23

Sir James Dunn Theatre, Halifax
Presented by Live Art Dance