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Choreographed and directed by Denise Fujiwara
Based on the book of poetry, Eunoia, by Christian Bök

Presented by Firehall Arts Centre

May 8 - 11, 2024

Eunoia, the dance-theatre production is an adaptation of Christian Bök’s award-winning book of the same name.  The book consists of conceptual poetry written in the form of a lipogram where each of its five chapters is constrained to the use of one vowel.  It is a much-lauded work, winning the 2002 Griffin Poetry Prize, and a bestselling book in Canada and the UK.  

Sylvie Bouchard, Brayden Cairns, Jen Hum, Mayumi Lashbrook, Lucy Rupert and Gerry Trentham

Composition & Sound Design by Phil Strong
Video Design by Justin Stephenson
Lighting Design by Roelof Peter Snippe
Dramaturgy by Philip Shepherd
Stage Manager and Production Manager A.J. Morra
Head of Audio and Projections Curtis Whittaker
Lighting Director Emerson Kafarowski
Voice Direction by Gerry Trentham
Original Cast included Claudia Moore, Miko Sobreira and R. Hope Terry

Nick Andison and Laurel MacDonald for technical support and advice.


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