MOVING MEDITATION with Denise Fujiwara - through Zoom 

Many think that creativity is a gift, something you're born with.  In reality, it is something we can cultivate and that is available to all of us.  In this series, we’ll practice mindfully opening to our own embodied creativity. 

In these sessions we develop a mindful movement practice that facilitates awareness, embodied presence, agility and creativity.

DATES: Sundays, January 10, 17, 24, 31, 2021


TIMES: 10:30 - 11:45 a.m. via Zoom 

PRICE: Suggested donation $10, or more if you can pay it forward to support someone who can’t.

Denise Fujiwara is a recipient of the Toronto Arts Foundation’s Muriel Sherrin Award for international achievement in dance.  Her work as a dance artist has developed over 40 years of intensive practice, performance and study.  Her mentors include Japanese butoh master Natsu Nakajima and John Tarrant Roshi of Pacific Zen Institute.  She has created a practice of contemplative Butoh that artfully assists participants to experience embodied movement through the cultivation of curiosity, the imagination, awareness and presence.  She has led workshops and master classes across Canada and in Portland, Seattle, Salt Lake City, Cleveland, California, Copenhagen, Krakow, London, Germany, Costa Rica, Colombia, Ecuador and India.