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Moving Parts

Premiering Fall 2022

Choreographer:  Denise Fujiwara

Distressed by the current state of geopolitics, one wonders what to do?  Dancing and singing pop songs is not the first thing that springs to mind for most people.  When we asked ourselves this question we realized there’s an important question even before that.  How can we be? 

In order to be ready for whatever life throws at us we’ve decided we should be receptive, perceptive and creative.  Which leads us to dancing and singing.  In times when opinions are polarized, singing is a way to bring us together, gaining inspiration and insight at the same time. 

Join us as we sing pop songs, harmonize, dance and improvise.  What is life if not an improvisation?  And we’re there.

Excerpts of Moving Parts were presented by DanceWorks at Harbourfront Centre Theatre in November 2017 and by Dusk Dances in August 2019 in Withrow Park, Toronto.

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