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Moving Parts

Co-Presented by Dusk Dances & DanceWorks

Choreographer & Director:  Denise Fujiwara 

We find the world in difficult times with people becoming increasingly polarized. Fujiwara is curious about how to embrace complexity and conflict with skill and grace, and how to stay open and kind in the midst of tumult.   


To be in harmony means to be in amity and peace. With Moving Parts, we are investigating these questions in three-part harmony, with a choir of moving singers.  


July 20th - 23rd @ 7.30pm - HAMILTON @ Bayfront Park

July 30th - August 6th @ 7.30pm - TORONTO @ Withrow Park 

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Sylvie Bouchard 

Jen Hum 

Mayumi Lashbrook 

Michael Mortley 

Lucy Rupert 

Brodie Stevenson 



Annabelle Chvostek, Mike Evin, Laurel MacDonald - Vocal Section Leads

Eve Goldberg – Ukulele 

David Woodhead – Bass 

Music and Song arrangements: Phil Strong & Laurel MacDonald 

Musical Director: Laurel MacDonald 

Choir Conductor: Cathy Nosaty

Hamilton Choir Conductor: Roland Fix


Toronto Choir: Alan Hahn, Bev Kreller, Carolyn Heath, Colleen Didur, Debbi Leth, Denise Lambert, Holly Small, Howard Druckman, Jennifer Kim, Jennifer Wakefield, Johanne Pulker, Julia Grant, Kathleen Kraft, Lilan Chao, Luka Korven, Lynne Evans, Ray Kinoshita, Ruth Danziger, Sasha Pulker, Susan Slottow

Hamilton Choir: Priya Bhatia, Margot Corbin, Asher Cuthill, Dawn Cuthill, Megan English, Kristi Kemp, Anne Noble, Marvin Oldejans, Ali Owen, Czerny Vanden Heuvel, Anya Wassenberg and Karine Wibrin

Lighting designer: Emerson Kafarowski

Costume designer: Val Calam

Sound designer: Simon Outhit

Song and composer credits: 

  • Mad World - Roland Orzabal (1983) 

  • That’s Enough - Thompson Family 

  • 911 for Peace - Anti-Flag 

  • Rise Up - Parachute Club (1983) (Billy Bryans, Lauri Conger, Lorraine Segato and Steve Webster with lyrics contributed by Lynne Fernie) 

  • Here Comes the Change - Kesha Sebert 

  • Love Learn Listen - Laurel MacDonald & Denise Fujiwara

Program Notes: 

These performances are dedicated to the memory of Phil Strong. 


Thank you to our generous supporters

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